First Attempts at Needle Felting!

Needle Felting Materials from Japan

These are two needle felting kits I picked up at Craft Heart Tokai (クラフトハートトーカイ) when I was still living in Hamamatsu. Originally I had only picked up the one on the left (Felt wool mascot) which includes instructions and wool to make a little froggy and a strawberry-hat-wearing panda. But after taking it home, I realized this kit would be too advanced for someone who had never needle felted before; plus, it didn’t come with the felting mat or needles. So, I went back and picked up a Starter Kit which included a small batch of wool in assorted colors, two felting needles, basic instructions, and a felting mat.

I never got around to actually trying out felting until I got back to the states. Tonight I sat down and watched a couple of video tutorials and was able to make these two small felted objects:

First attempts at Needle Felting

A little red apple and a tiny French macaron!

Getting the wool in the exact shape I want and making it look smooth is still a little difficult, but I think if I keep practicing with the starter kit wools, I might be able to get the hang of it and then hopefully I can make that cute little frog and panda!

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